Sketches at Gili Trawangan

I had visited the Gili's island for a short vacation and... enjoyed it!!! I chilled out and sketching, what else can you do in an Island?... I am sure you got many other options;

STGCC Singapore

See you  on Saturday, 31st/ 3PM at STGCC. 
Preproduction for animation “the key factor”


After few months here in Jakarta, this is what I think and feel about the city!


Love sketching, but recently have not done many... i guess computer and the internet are taking over...

Spain summer

Hi, passing some days here in Spain with family and  close friends. Has been a while since last time I came over... I've found few stuff here in my computer  that I would like  to share with you guys:

Also, I have been doing some workshops/ seminar and here are some of the links for further information;
TOA ( Malaysia)
 9Zeros( Spain)

Spain is Spain

from a little girl that acts like guy but sweet like a girl....  her name is Leire.