I've  got  a  recycle paper sold here in china town (Melaka) nice and easy to draw so...I've tried to get some of the moments  over my visit to  the city.


I am traveling in Vietnam and I've spent around few weeks in Saigon or how they want to call it nowadays; Ho chin Minh city, it sounds like an name for an very important place.
I got some brushes and trying to get little more into the ink concept style.
I am posting some of my first samples.

The Philippines

I have been traveling in the Philippines since February and I did some sketches during my trip.
Has been a good experience after all being able to know more about the local culture and their way of living...something I love about the people here is that they know how to smile and they have a good humor sense.
My favorite places are... are... a secret.
Hope you enjoy the drawings.

Chupi Changa

I've  found this sketches  here in my computer so better to share because... sharing is caring, right?

They were from a day in Malibu beach.

Panama sketches

I recently did a trip to Panama and toke my sketchbook with me... here they are some of the drawings using just a regular pen and adding some quick color with c/pencils.